• Unveiling Thunder War 2023:  A talent training playground at Thunder Cloud Studio, designed to inspire and elevate team's creative and professional skills. Thunder War 2023 represents the pinnacle of internal talent at Thunder Cloud Studio, with the goal of creating a playground and stimulating members’ self-training by the

  • Stylized 3D Game Art Environment Workflow Tip & Tricks Join us in exploring the rising trend of stylized aesthetics in video games and uncovering the creative approaches used to produce these captivating stylized game environments. We are certain that with the success of the recent trend of stylized games

  • Understanding 3D Face/Head Modeling: A Complete Guide 1-An Introduction to 3D Face Modeling Creating a believable human face in 3D modeling has been one of the ultimate goals of many artists. Creating an average human face is nothing new or rather an ancient topic. However, to achieve the most

  • Secrets of Stylized Human Skin Shaders in UE4

    I. EXPARIA PROJECT My name is Dzung Phung Dinh, Founder and Team Lead of Thunder Cloud. As you already might know that back in 2016, ArtStation held its official contest “The Journey”. I was very inspired by the theme and got fired up. I joined the contest and planned to create an epic 3D scene

  • 3D Stylized Character Modeling UE4 Production

    Introduction Some might already know about my old project – Exparia (a making-of article on 80lv was published last year). It was well received and I see that our communities have a huge interested in UE4 in-depth technique of stylized look dev and rendering to make 3D model. Therefore I am pleased to write