Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, Thunder Cloud studio offers high-end 3D animation and game art outsourcing.

The core of our values is the highest quality deliveries and customer satisfaction. We appreciate long-term collaboration, effective communication and mutual understanding. Hence, our ambition is higher than looking for client’s approval. We are improving continuously to become the first choice of our customers.

Our team of young professional makes anything beautiful. All you need is to show us your initial idea!

Our working motto "Japanese spirit, German discipline". We dedicate our whole time to continue refining our craftsmanship and our professional attitude. Thunder Cloud is the two words we live by: “Cloud” mean dreams and spirit, represent our passion and love, “Thunder” represent the energy & power to materialize the dream. Fantasy dreams need the power as strong as a thunder to strike through the harsh truths.


Phung Dinh Dzung

CEO - Founder

With 10+ years of experience in 3DCG industry and passion of my entire lifetime, I always strike with my full force to achieve my dream.

Zoey Hoang

Managing Director - Co-Founder

I have 10 years' experience in event and marketing. Bringing Thunder cloud to the next level in 3d world is my goal

Phan Thanh Truc

Senior Character Artist

I have been doing 3D Art for more than 7 years but modeling & texturing are my favourite! I love to have a chance driving a hot pink 1958 Cadillac on the street, lower the window while listening to Hip Hop

Tran Viet Tiep

Senior Animator

I have been animating for 3 years. I love spectacular action and want to break through the LCD to live within the virtual world.

Ha Vu Huy Duc


While working as a modeller for 4 years, I always want to do phenomenon things to satisfy my curiousity. Moreover my parents are pressuring me to get married even though I am just 24!

Le Hoang Nam

Character Artist

I have grown my skill in modeling and texturing tremendously during my 1,5 years at Thunder Cloud so far. I love cats and my favorite quote is YOLO ~~~!!!

Duong Duy Thai

Senior Character Artist

With 3 years of experience in CG, I like to create badass characters. I work hard and spent time with my family. I love food and hanging out.

Cao Ngoc Chau


I love to watch and make animation. My dream is to create a colorful world like Eiichiro Oda did. I also like to travel around with my bike.

Hoang Minh Trang

Marketing Executive

I am a young marketing enthusiast with the desire to grow in the field of gaming industry. I love creative tasks and staying up-to-date with social media trends. I am in charge of Digital marketing.

Chu Viet Anh

Character Artist

I'm just a simple character artist with around 2 years of experience and a huge objective of becoming a great artist in the industry. I love drawing and designing/writing stories. Video games are my passion and creating game characters even becomes a greater part of me. For me, everything in life is like a game, but I take games very seriously.

Our Base

Welcome to Thunder Cloud! If you prefer visiting us at our locations, you are always welcome . We have tea & cookies!

It is our pleasure to hear from you. Please feel free to request quotations or any specific project questions.




+024 66 505 847


5th floor, Hong Ha Tower, 89 Thinh Liet, Hoang Mai, Hanoi


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