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The house of artisans that rocks

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The Reality, the Strength.

To bring fantasy into reality, we need strength, and alot of it. It’s the determination, the amount of sweat, and the sleepless nights of artists that enable them to overcome challenges.

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The Fantasy DreamS of Artist.

Every artist has a dream, a fantasy of doing awesome things with their skills and showing the world their ideas!

Founded by Dzung Phung Dinh in 2013, infused with his incredible passion and decades of valuable experience in the CG indestry. Thunder Cloud has become one of the fastest-growing high-end 3D production design and Game Art Out-sourcing Studios.

Our clients love our meticulous AAA quality products and the optimized services we offer.

Cultivating a strong commitment to outstanding craftsmanship with a Sammurai’s deep repect for all clients throuhgout the world. Our dream is to become the most sought-after “go to” 3D Game-Art studio. creating world-class impressive cinematic and 3D Art games.

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Since our standards are very high compared to the local market, we started small in 2013 as a team of four and have been continuously recreuiting and training our core team of artists. All our team members are recruited and hardened through an intense process of training and work review to ensure they can keep up with our high standards.

“Its is not enough to meet the project’s requirements, it must wow our clients.”

We take pride in our spirit of Shokunin Craftsmanship, guided by the discipline of German profressional working precision.


We are craftsmen at work

Artisan Expertise

Highest quality is our first commitment. We strive to raise the standard bar higher by training everyday. Our talented in-house team, with years of experience and skills cultivated through numerous projects, dedicates their time to continuously refine our craftsmanship, professional attitude and worflow. Our goal is to provide you with the exceptional quality you desire.

IndUstrial Precision

Our work ethic is: “Japanese spirit, German discipline”. With our efficient management and supervision, you can save time and effort in overseeing our production and quality. We provide a real-time tracker and report for each milestone, along with daily updates. All feedback and revisions are handled attentively. All you need to do is let us know your request & desire!

Quality, Creativity, and affordability.

We believe that these three aspects are essential for any successful project, and we strive to provide them to you in every step of the way.