Subverse game introduction and successful designed Waifu characters

Subverse game is the debut commercial video game released on Steam in early access on 26 March 2021. Crowdfunding for Subverse on Kickstarter has remarkably raised over £ 1.6 million within only 2 weeks in 2019, making the game one of the top twenty highest-funded Kickstarter games to date. That was truly an impressive milestone for such a game.

There are many reasons why Subverse has achieved the unprecedented levels of successful gaming Kickstarters in history, but the most outstanding and obvious here is the sexy female character system, which significantly captivates numerous gamers from the very starting.

And all of which were created by world-renowned art director Dzung Phung Dinh – the founder of Thunder Cloud Studio – who has been invited as the Art Director in Subverse project. With extensive expertise ranging from concept art to animation, he was responsible for the main Subverse characters, bringing our waifus to life, all the way from conceptual sketches to sculpting them in full 3D lusciousness.

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Alongside with the aesthetics, the narrative architecture of a game serves as a fundamental pillar supporting its overall success. Let’s delve into the world-building and lore that forge a game’s captivating setting. The game story sparks from the intriguing question “Are we alone in this universe?” Then it raised the idea of the fictional Prodigium Galaxy in which humans and different species of aliens co-exist under rule by a tyrannical government known as The Imperium. It mixes visual novel-style storytelling with completion of missions in tactical grid combat and space shooter sections. Much of the game also features explicit scenes with non-human characters and players leveling up “waifu loyalty” from female characters.

Additionally, Thunder Cloud demonstrably influenced the development of other prominent NPCs. These alpha male figures served as a thematic counterpoint to the game’s central cast of alluring females. The team’s contributions to the design system proved instrumental in propelling Subverse to global acclaim.

Impressive sexy female character creation

One of the most challenging and no less interesting part that many artists have always dreamed to work with is the creativity to bring out the distinction between all unique sexy female characters. Despite creating a number of unique sexy Waifu characters, Dzung Phung Dinh ensured that each has distinct nature that could be shown from the unity of design elements, from their charismatic look to their costume design. Not like any generic female character, every single Waifu was designed to make players fall in love in an instant with memorable features and personality.

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Our creation journey went beyond pouring hearts into crafting captivating Waifu characters, making them outstanding in a market which is saturated with numerous sexy girl models, the next critical but enjoyable step was how to convert these 2D designs to high quality 3D models, not making our players dissatisfied. This transition demanded not only advanced technical prowess, but also a deep understanding of what made our characters special in the first place. It involved deep into human body mechanic & Anatomical structure. However, it was still super fascinating to be working with appealing proportions & anatomy features to achieve nice great sexy female character in the end, thus creating more hype at work. And that was the highlight how Dzung and Thunder Cloud team worked together to make this game more successful than ever before.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most attractive Waifu characters in this game.

Dzung aimed to design Demi as an advanced high tech services android with slick and clean look, indicated through her cybernetic features and elegant neon lines. Tried out lots of different machinery hair styles but in the end, a simple sexy short hair would give highly contrast between her android features and distintive human look, thus enhance her sexy servitude personality.

Demi mainImage

Fortune is also an interesting stylized character with playful and strong personality, that’s why we gave her very unique badass short hair style with sexy while super cool skin tight outfit, mischievious bomber jacket along with high tech hologram features to match with her hacker nature.

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Taron BlackMainImageCrop scaled
Sova mainImage crop 1280
Fowchan mainImage crop
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Sexy and Elegant – all we can talk about Elaisha. From her elegantly revealed in her outfit to her long wild hair, all show off her dominant features as a warrior.

dzung phung dinh celestina mainimage crop scaled

Subserve drives its story sequences with a combination of cinematic slides and traditional RPG dialog systems with a modern twist, allowing for beautiful, fully animated model emotes. You can enjoy the cleavage physics – which are essential for expressing our Waifus’s true feeling.

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