Unveiling Thunder War 2023:  A talent training playground at Thunder Cloud Studio, designed to inspire and elevate team’s creative and professional skills.

Thunder War 2023 represents the pinnacle of internal talent at Thunder Cloud Studio, with the goal of creating a playground and stimulating their members’ self-training by the very different new model – Internal Talent Combat Model. The purpose of this program is to train professional skill, unity teamwork along with effective project timing management.

Thunder War 2023 logo with blurred images of character models in the background, signifying the launch of the talent training program at Thunder Cloud Studio

Compulsory fixed theme: Tokyo Neon Character Design

The key meaning of why the program only set a fixed theme is to train professionalism, participants must follow exactly one theme and strict criteria because Thunder Cloud Studio is a professional game art outsourcing company. This approach underscores the importance of adhering to customer briefs in a real-world context, aiming to exceed client expectations with passion and dedication by fulfilling all specified requirements instead of for criteria benchmark.

Milestones 1: Concept stage

The Thunder War 2023 talent has provided a fair but also challenging playing field for all 8 teams whose participating teams design a stylized 3d character.

The entire 8 teams' concept - Thunder War 2023

However, stopping at the concept stage would only be the beginning of the conversation. To fully grasp the extent of their success, we must venture into the subsequent phase. The second stage represents a significant advancement towards fulfilling their initial promises, with the high-poly phase serving as tangible evidence of their progress towards product perfection. Remarkably, five teams are advancing to the next round, as not all can proceed to this stage with such success.

Milestones 2: High-poly stage

Thunder War 2023: The entire 8 teams' high poly stage

Undeniably, the dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work of the participants shine through, as demonstrated by the persistence of these five teams into the final round, where they have surpassed expectations with their achievements. Their results are extremely perfect from character design that closely aligns with the initial concept to the technical execution. Furthermore, their presentations are comprehensive, featuring not just a single viewpoint but also animations, a variety of backgrounds, numerous showcase videos, and captivating backstories for each team that enhance the distinctiveness and design of their characters.

Milestones 3: Presentation stage

Thunder War 2023: The Presentation Stage Unveils Its Finest Teams

After several rounds, congratulations to the top 5 teams in this season with fantastic results!

Thunder War 2023 – The Winner!

Limited time: 3 months

Perhaps the most challenging aspect is that teams must leverage their free-time to complete their projects within a fixed 3 months, all while managing their regular, demanding workloads at the company without compromising ongoing customer projects. This stipulation mirrors the reality of production deadlines, compelling Thunder Cloud Studio to allot a fixed three-month period for participants to navigate their projects. The company’s mantra, “Fire tests gold, adversity tests resilience,” highlights the belief that only through rigorous challenges can the highest quality outcomes be forged.

Thunder War 2023 – The 2nd place!

Multi-submission Milestones based on production stages

When Thunder Cloud Studio works with a substantial workload in 3D Character design, the company regularly divides it into 3 key milestones throughout the production journey: (1) Concept, (2) High-poly and (3) Final delivery. Besides, during production process, there are multiple detailed stages in order to make customers tightly control of the final work. Regarding this playground, participants are given big challanges in 3 stages due time limited – 3 months. Additionally, in each stage, each teams not only give the normally raw file/data, but also be required to present at it best and preview like how Thunder Cloud Studio delivery for customers to keep track the final production of that stage. So that see, Thunder Cloud Studio was thoughful when designing a competition in order to foster the practical skills of personnel to improve production quality.

Thunder War 2023 – The 2nd place!

Learn “How to work together”

In this playground, Thunder Cloud Studio even set a harder bar criteria by not only every each members must create their own teams from different departments, but also it’s compulsory to ensure a mix of skill levels from junior to senior within each group. No team is allowed to consist solely of top-tier talent. The aim of this program is to foster holistic growth, encompassing professional, teamwork, and planning abilities, ultimately leading to a more effective and cohesive production process.

Thunder War 2023 – The 3rd place!


The company has no hesitation to invest in contests and awards to stimulate their personnel with alluring rewards.

Despite the rigorous criteria, the artists at Thunder Cloud Studio have delivered exceptional and impressive outcomes within a tight timeframe and a heavy workload. Initially, eight teams embarked on the concept phase, showcasing remarkable creativity. Moreover, they adeptly incorporated AI to enhance production efficiency.

Thunder War 2023 – The 3rd place!

The final results of Thunder War 2023 showcase their teams’ outstanding dedication and enthusiasm. Working in their free time, they’ve revealed exceptional dedication, not allowing their project to disrupt their core commitments to their clients. This speaks volumes about their ability to endure tremendous pressure as well as surpass all the company’s expectations. It is with this in mind that Thunder Cloud Studio proudly decides to maintain this arena for creativity and professional development in the future!

Recursive Frog - Character Concepts
High quality 3D Realistic Character DesignVicious Vikings - Characters