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Dive into a world where stylized charm meets a touch of semi-realism, providing a unique blend that sparks creativity. This pack is inspired by Asian streets, set up in a post-apocalyptic theme. If you are intrigued by the cultural aspects of Asia, this will be a highly suitable choice. This captivating treasure trove presents a rich collection of elements, ready to be seamlessly assembled. Unlock limitless creative possibilities with our meticulously crafted 3D asset pack, each piece carefully designed to infuse your project with an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe.

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3D Asset Submerge City pack

Tech Spec |Submerge City – 3D Asset Pack [Water World edition]

Features: Full PBR Texture maps in TGA including:

• Diffuse

• Roughness

• Metallic

• Ambient Occlusion

• Normal Shader: Metallic/Roughness setup

Texture Sizes:

• Minimum size of texture 2048 x 2048

• Tris-count: Ranging from 500 to 40000 tris

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