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Q- I need to get access to some settings that wasnt included in GMH Style System such as some render attributes or custom attributes created by Mental Ray or Vray renderer. What should I do ?

GMH2 plugin UIA – To get access to all the original Maya Hair System, PFX Hair Node and Brush Node , you can select GMH Style System and uncheck the box “Black Box” , from here you can expand the GMH Style System container and select individual Maya Hair System Shape Node,PFX Hair Node or Stroke Node for Brush setting .
An alternative way is using the advance edit button : select GMH Style System in GMH window then click on ” Edit maya Hair” Button or “Edit Brush Stroke” Button, it will select the correspondence Nodes.

Q- We can’t seem to figure out how to get the new version to work. Everytime we try we get this error:// Error: “THUNDERCLOUD/GMH2_6/GMH2_starter.mel” line 95.20: Wrong number of arguments on call to create_GMHwindow. //

A – you can delete the whole THUNDERCLOUD folder and replace it with the new one included in GMH2.6 install zip file.

Q- How Hair dynamic work in GMH2 ?

A – GMH2 hair style system is using Maya Hair System as its core so all Dynamic attributes is the same as Maya Hair system, you can assign Nucleus solver to it or using classic Maya Hair dynamic .

Q- I currently have one license for GMH2 and was wondering if we were entitled to upgrade to version 2.6 or if there is an additional charge associated with the update?

A – If you purchased GMH2 via 3DOcean then you could always re login into 3Docean with the email/account you used to purchase GMH2 then go to download section -> you will find the link to re-download GMH with the latest version.

Q- Why baked textures using only a single CPU? I am use GMH2.6.

A -As GMH is using Maya ‘s native mental ray bake tool to bake out maps so it is limited to just 1 CPU core, it might take a while to finish baking all 5 maps ( but not forever ! )

Q- I did get the hair done, but I have hard time to attach to the character.Is is not following the character ‘s head.

A -because the hair by default setting of GMH2 is always float around the base polygon during dynamic, you can just group the base polygon together and parent this group to a locator or head joint.

Q- My maya scene ratio is too large, resulting tube into GMH2.6 generated is so small, what can be the solution?

A -to increase the width of hair tubes, you can change the setting ” Width Scale” , ” Tube Width 1 and 2 ” in the Style system node itself. Or you can just change the global scale setting.