Phung Dinh Dzung – Thunder Cloud Studio’s Founder and author of GMH2 is going to have his first tutorial live stream guiding through how to create and baking texture for next-gen game polygon hair using GMH2. The later part is for frequent asked question regarding GMH2. If you want your question answered in the livestream, don’t hesitate to post it here:

The live stream is hosted by CGRecord Live.


Demo file to support the FAQ section

You can download the Live Stream demo files here ( Maya files, textures and marmoset scene files ! )



GMH2.6 – Geometry To Maya Hair script that allows artist to convert polygon meshes to Maya hair instantly with a single mouse click, release artist from headache technical aspects to focus more on creativity. New features of GMH2.6 includes

  • Next-gen polygon hair generation
  • Override setting per GMH hair surfaces
  • Baking hair to polygon plane’s texture (diffuse, normal and alpha maps)
  • Material & UV manager: apply different shaders/ texture regions to multi polygon hair polygon surfaces and groups
  • Export manager: user can choose to export curves or polygon meshes of hair system to Obj o FBX format that are readable by other programs such as Unreal 4, 3D Studio Max, Unity, Marmoset, etc.

GMH2.6 now can be applicable not just limited within Maya for animation and rendering but also can be ported to other 3D applications such as 3D studio Max, cinema4D, Blender and  game engines.

You can buy GMH2.6 on 3D ocean at the link here:

This updated will be free for any users who already bought GMH2.


“It is hard to predict the next big thing that would come out and change how we make games or films. But Thunder Cloud’s hair plug in might  be it! Giving artists tools that help speed up tedious process is always great and this program helps in a big way to speed up the process of making hair cards look good!”

Daniel Driussi – 3D Artist – Sony San Diego

 I’ve always been somewhat intimidated with using maya’s hair system. As a result I’ve put o­ learning the tools preventing me from creating new things. GMH2.6 has helped me get past that barrier, providing me with straight forward control over what I create”

Christoph Schoch – Modeler/Rigger – Arc Productions

 “Being able to test / use the the Maya GMH 2.6 was very excited for me. I love the new polygon hair style system and how well it plays with other applications.  You can also make the polygon hair the GMH generated hair which I found to be very cool. I personally know of no better solution for hair and my friend’s jaws dropped when I showed them the new plugin in action. Other apps allow you to comb and groom hair which is personally unintuitive since I don’t wanna brush 3d hair to perfection. But with GMH 2.6, I can just model / sculpt and use quad draw in the modeling toolkit and cover a head in a very short period of time. Very awesome plugin and one more thing. Its works with Maya 2016!”

Jerry Perkins – Dead Panic Studios

 “This is a great plugin script- I highly enjoyed how it made making Maya hair system a breeze, once you get accustomed to the workflow I was pumping out samples quickly. I am very satisfied with it”

Christina Backlund-Newton – Animator and Generalist – Freelance

“I used to use Fibermesh to create hair in zbrush, then export the curves to 3DS Max. It was a really tedious and time consuming process. For me, it was very difficult to get the exact result I wanted. My pain ended with GMH: Quick, Intuitive, Easy.”

Jeordanis Figuereo – Cinematic Character Student