3D character game art - Antaduru sensei

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3D character game art - Antaduru sensei

This is also a low-poly hand painted character armor set we design and produced for the game Liquidation. He's called "Antaduru sensei" - one of the main hero in the game - designed from concept to animation by our studio.

Character detail here: http://www.thundercloud-studio.com/character/antaduru-sensei/

About Liquidation:
Liquidation is a fast paced multiplayer roguelike with shooter elements, it is built on the principles of skill-based, challenging combat and replayability. The Players will join the war between the Twilight Crusade and the legions of the Nether. Alone or up to 5 players they must fight their way through unforgiving, randomly-generated missions. Along the way, you will uncover an incredible variety of powerful items which will allow you to expand your arsenal.