Antaria Online Port Assets

Thunder cloud 00 mainimage
Thunder cloud 01 concept
Thunder cloud 02 gemshop
Thunder cloud 07 citycenter
Thunder cloud 03 trainerhouse
Thunder cloud 06 portal
Thunder cloud 04 bank
Thunder cloud 05 auctionhouse

Antaria Online Port Assets

Antaria Online - a large scale project that we handle full-scale game art design and 3D production for the whole game.
Here some cuteness-overdose assets in one of the maps level we built. Our target is to achive not only the best look as possible but still remain lightweight and cannot be out-dated easily

Client: Antaria LLC.
Game Title: Antaria Online - Environement Level

With our experience, we understand that game developers need more than just a random beautiful 3D asset but also need a tight management in terms of art direction, production,technical control and timeline. Thunder Cloud focus on improving both pipeline and individual skill to provide the best optimized artistic art work.

if you are looking for someone take care all of your art aspect or high-quality 3D assets, feel free to contact us :)