Waterworld is our in-house cinematic animation. Made to push our limitation in producing cinematic quality in UE4. We are striking for stunning visual style with dynamic eye candy action scene cinematic shots. This page is to make the public aware of Waterworld and for people interested in the project to keep updated with the current progress of our production.

The universe of WW happen after the present in thousand of years. In the long long past, at a point that humanity as we know now are on the prime of development, a giant portal-like stone structure appear out of nowhere right above earth atmosphere. From the portal, rain of meteors start striking onto earth’s surface, causing mass devastated destruction to the Earth’s whole ecosystem and human society.

Ocean water level rise up plus giant tsunami and earthquake has shrinked down all human’s cities along with 99% earth population, reset almost all civilization we have known to stone age.Back to WW time, all water are contaminated and turned to green color, land are sacred thus farming become an luxury thing. While human and other creatures species on earth are driven to near extinction. Human survivors are able to live on tiny floating island made of junk on ocean. Farming, manufacturing, schooling and all activities of human now are now sea-bound., People who dig up and recover the tech from the old eras and other resource including purified land & water from the bed of new ocean called Diver. They are like the adventurers to explore new lands and stories.

some meteors carry special form of energy or virus that cause mutation to some of living – species on earth including human. Many mutated monsters now roaming around earth, range from super ancient virus to giant sea & sky creatures, they are being infected by the virus from the portal’s meteors and start mutated into new forms of life – that are mixture of machine , rock and living creature called ThanSam.


Mee Face Concepts


Mee Final Costume


BARM Mech Final Concept


OldMan Final Concept


DaTrang Final Concepts


BARM Town Concept


Mee's Room Final Design



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