This is the poster of the Painted Flower 3D animation

Painted Flower is a short funny short animation about 2 little girls in painting class: Su and Sy. Su is trying to paint as close as possible to the real flower pot but Sy has something else in mind. Su is pretty much happy with her drawing until she looks at Sy’s painting. The animation is done with a little bit of anime style conveying a simple message: “Be yourself, be creative”.


  •  Top 41 of the best international short film director.
  • Official Selected of Children & Young Persons of Animasyros 9.0 International – Syros island, Greek, 21-25 Sept 2016
  • Official Selected of “Best of Animasyros 9.0 programme”, screened in at least 6 Greek cities in the context of Festival tour from Nov 2016 to Aug 2017
  • Official Selected 8th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, Pakistan, 21-26 November, 2016
  • Official Selected of Spark Animation 2016 festival, Vancouver, Canada, 20-23 Oct 2016
  • Official Selected of China International New Media Short Film Festival, Shenzhen, China, Nov 2016 and qualified for the final selection of the Kingbonn Short Film Director Supporting Program of the festival.
  • Official Selected  of Amazon Underground Film Festival
  • Silver Award at DiciCon 6 Asia – Asia’s Supreme Short Movie Contest Vietnam held by VTV7
  • Spotlight on Unreal Engine
  • First Vietnamese 3D Animation to be featured on well known Youtube channel The CGB

Painted Flower is an indie short animation project developed internally by Thunder Cloud Studio to showcase the ability of producing quality animation in short amount of time utilizing power of Unreal Engine 4. This animation is built to refine our existing animation pipeline and is an opportunity to develop more tools & workflows to perfect the pipeline of animation production between UE4 and other 3D software package. Check them out below!

  • Painted Flower rendered in real-time using UE 4.12.
  • VR demo is available soon
  • Number of in-house tool used to aid the production (available to download soon)
  • Primary softwares used: Maya & UE4
Scenes from the Painted Flower 3D animation


We will keep update the tech behind Painted Flower here on this page, make sure you follow our facebook to get noticed of frequent updates !


Phung Dinh Dung

Hoang Thuy Dung

Phan Thanh Truc

Tran Viet Tiep

Cao Ngoc Chau

Ha Vu Huy Duc

Duong Duy Thai

Le Hoang Nam

Nguyen Uy Vu

Director, Storyboard & Character Design

Producer & Voice Actress

Environment Design, Character Build & Animation



Character modeling

Props & Environment Build

Props & Environment Build

Music Composer


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