Project Introduction

Liquidation is a fast-paced old-school real-time strategy game from dev studio Kiwi Brothers in which Thunder Cloud Studio has been working together from day zero. Although this is an RTS game, there have been innovative advances to keep up with the taste of today’s gamers. We are in charged most works related to visual design and 3D production of the game, from 2D concept to final game ready assets. To create a fantasy world with majestic and heroic style in Liquidation, Thunder Cloud Studio team has researched and studied from almost every successful RTS titles as Starcraft 2, C&C series to games having similar camera view like DOTA2 or Hero of the Storm. Until now, we are still working closely with Kiwi Brothers to polish the game, push out new updates and develop new faction.

Faction System Introduction

The complexity of Liquidation lies in the visual design the battle of multi-faction. There are 3 main Factions in Liquidation: Legion, Crusade and Scourge. Each faction has different unique visual in term of culture, technology, identitical structures and color. Thunder Cloud team must ensure that the elements of design are consistent within each faction, ranging from the smallest items such as props, to units, vehicles, weapons and buildings.

Like other RTS games, one of our challenges while producing is that each faction has different team colors, so we have to balance elements that player can change team color and element that keep faction’s unique visual style. At the same time, each faction’s design elements must tell a background story to separate themselves with each others. For example the Crusade’s faction design should reflect the grandeur of once great empire while the Legion is power-hungry army of demons that only wishes destruction.

Pilot Character Introduction

With golden armor and sword, Antaduru Sensei is a god-like hero which we created at the very beginning of the project Liquidation. From then, we used him as a flag ship character and visual guide line for the whole Crusade faction.

The character helps our team to identify the characteristics of the whole faction: strong, noble, righteous. They are armored human unit wearing shiny shield and ready to raise their swords for the honor.


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