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This is a sample of animation pipeline from League of Love, 3D animation project WIP image of League of Love scene in UE4 Concept art of League of Love characters Scene from League of Love animation

League of Love is a remake MV of the song Super Mario Western Show by very popular group Hyadain featuring League of Legends champions like Ahri, Draven, Darius, and Teemo in chibi version. Hyadain is very well-known for making fun of fmous titles such as Final Fantasy, Megaman, Pokemon and in this case Super Mario. The song was about why Peach keep running away from Mario and never fall for Bowser because they are both so ugly. Wanting to deliver the silly message of how a man could compete to win a girl heart (by his face or his heart) in a modern context, that’s how the idea for League of Love was born.

Leage Of Love is an internal 3rd animation project made in UE4 thus the production workflow has been vastly improved and customized specific to UE4. In general the main software to produce raw models and animation is Maya, UE4 is however more of a hub to assemble the final scene together, which manage and take all raw assets created in Maya and put them together to create the final scene.

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