Client: Sinxsoft Platform: PC
Genre: JRPG

Adark indie JRPG, Cross Reverie was inspired by the genre’s greatest titles to provide a unique experience revolving around character development, tactical battles and replay value, all with an art style fueled by anime and video games alike. Cross Reverie is currently in development and slated for a Q3 2016 release for Windows PC, Mac and Linux and a 2017 release for PS4/Vita, WiiU & Xbox One.
Thunder Cloud is in charge of all character modeling/texturing and animations works. Aside from 8 main characters ‘s concepts which were already designed and provided by Sinxsoft, we deliver all monster concepts and bosses throughout the games from concept to final assets with animations.

Dzung Phung Dinh and his team - Thunder Cloud deliver quality time and time again !
Kovalen Ramalingam
Producer Creative Director


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