Artists worldwide have been cooperating to create amazing Mila – an animated short about an uncommon theme in animation. It is a story about war yet the center of the story is not soldiers, armies or battle fields. It is filmed from another angle of war, an untold story featuring the forgotten and rarely mentioned: the children.

Mila is created by 250 artists from 25 countries not in a conventional studio but in a virtual one. Imagine how difficult it would be for the team to build an animation separately in such distance. GMH2 (Geo Maya Hair) is proud to be chosen in hair production for Mila and contribute to this success.

“With GMH2, we were able to quickly create grooms for our characters that matched the art and could be used within the pipeline right away.” – Mila team.



GMH2 is a more advanced version of GMH script, specialized in hair modeling & styling, developed by Phung Dinh Dzung at Thunder Cloud Studio. Now GMH2.6 is available with new features which includes:
• Next-gen polygon hair generation
• Override settings per GMH Hair surfaces
• Baking hair to polygon plane’s textures (diffuse, normal and alpha maps)
• Material & UV manager: apply different shaders / texture regions to multi polygon hair polygon surfaces and groups.
• Export manager: users can choose to export curves or polygon meshes of hair System to Obj or FBX format that are readable by other programs such as unreal 4, 3D studio Max, Unity, Marmoset etc.


GMH2.6 now can be applicable not just limited with in Maya for animation and rendering but also can be ported to other 3D applications such as 3D studio Max, cinema4D, Blender and game engines.

Currently Mila is having Thunderclap contest. Every person who joins will be automatically entered into a lucky draw to win a Mila Film Prize Package.

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