At the forefront of our production process, we set the tone and mood of your story. Our team of talented artists shapes your ideas into captivating visual expressions that engage your audience. From environment concept art to character concept art, our skills span across a range of areas, including storyboard creation and illustration.We will provide you with sketches, concept art, and final renderings of your concept designs.

Characters Design

From protagonist to antagonist, or a NPC, we can help you create a character that suits your genre and gameplay. We will design the character’s appearance, visual characteristics based on your story specifications and preferences. You can choose from different genres, such as fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or anime.

Monster & Creatures

From fearsome beasts or  mythical creatures to cute critters, we can help you design a monster that fits your theme and setting including monster’s race, anatomy and even body type to fit your game ‘s requirements and inspiration. You can choose from different types of monsters, such as dragons, zombies, aliens, or hybrids.

Environments Concept

Whether it’s a natural landscape, a futuristic city, or a historical setting, we can help you design an environment that enhances your story and mood. We will design the environment’s layout, architecture, lighting, and atmosphere based on your goals and references from realistic, stylized to abstract.

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