WaterWorld Update 012: BARM Town Sketches

In WW universe, human just salvage things from under the ocean, then combined them together into different uses, like buildings, constructions, vehicles.. It’s the same with Mee’s floating village from the harbor to people houses: they just crafted things together.

Mee house at central of the village ‘s main harbor platform surround by other small floating houses of different people. Mee ‘s platform is the biggest of all as it also sever as a harbor for the dive team to operate. It has a hangar to maintenance and construct BARM mech. A long bridge with a big mechanic arm to assemble and collect cargo, artifacts dig from the ocean.Right behind Mee house is a big tree and glass house because her old man is a botanist. It ‘s a little house built from junnk parts of the old era, Mee room is on 2nd floor. Other houses in the areas has different theme and design based on its owner job, somes are fishermen, some are boat lumper , some are famers etc.