All-Star Fruit Racing - an Italian high-profile with super cute cartoon racing game in a colorful world

All-Star Fruit Racing is a high-profile cartoon arcade racing game which added a fun Italian twist to the popular subgenre of kart-racing. The game revolves around racing in different parts of the world, on different terrains which can be the moon or Machu Picchu, on karts with zany fruit designs; each with their own unique looks in a unique colorful design. It such an honor for Thunder Cloud to contribute to the project by 3DClouds, help creating the stunning game art and a fruity, enthusiastic feeling which pumping the excitement of players

Taking part in art  production especially on 3D Characters production and cartoonist stylized Particle Effect, Thunder Cloud proudly provide a strong experience for players by  the quality of powerful skill particle effects throughout the game.

It is interesting and also challenging part to create the stylized VFX that players want to watch over and over again. The game has a very unique and impressive stylized concept and world design setup, and our mission was to create an effect system with visual quality that live up to it.

Not just we aided in building the game eye -candy stylized particle effect system, in later stage of production, Thunder Cloud also help prototype producing some of the first driver girls for the game, bringing various characters from concept to “life”. Here are some faces you might recognize while playing the game:

 And now we are pleased to have a short interview with Mr. Sergio Rocco – Production Director of All-Star Fruit Racing.

 Let’s find out the secrets behind the success of this fruit-astic car racing game:

Q: What is the original thought when you guys came up with the idea of All-Star Fruit Racing? Is kart racing genre of game famous in Italy?

A: All-Star Fruit Racing was born because we noticed how much lack of a Kart Game on platforms other than Nintendo. In Italy all racing games are very followed but we are the first Italian developers to try out a production of such a high-profile cartoon arcade racing.

Q: How long has the project been going?

A: The project required 6-8 months of preproduction and about 12 months of development.

Q: As far as we know, All-Star Fruit Racing is open for early access and recently make people go crazy. Would you like to share some achievements so far?

A: All-Star Fruit Racing is in EA on Steam and we are very happy with the feedback we are receiving from the users. We chose to do so to arrive at a mature and well-made product both at PC launch and release on all consoles.

Q: What can we expect of the fully access which will be released soon?

A: The game is BIG! Awesome characters and spectacular tracks are coming! To be informed about the releases, follow us on all social channels!! From today you can vote which other vehicles you want them to be implemented in the game! In short, you will be released the online gaming form to enjoy yourself with friends!

Q: It would be great if we can receive your opinion about the art that Thunder Cloud Studio have opportunity to produce for the project.

A: We have worked with Thunder Cloud Studio during 2017 for the All-Star Fruit Racing development and  we are very pleased and happy for all the results obtained during this collaboration. They are very precise and punctual, and contribute to production, giving a huge technical input, ideas and proposals. Fantastic! They will be our partners also in the future in the upcoming 3DClouds productions. And… we’re “clouds” in the same sky!

There are more maps and characters with breathtaking visuals waiting to be explored. All-Star Fruit Racing is available on Steam Early Access now for $14.99. The full game will be available for $19.99 later this fall.

Being developed by young Italian talents, All-Star Fruit Racing is quickly becoming the favorite cocktail to slake your thirst in the summer game season. Let’s wish them luck with the next stage of the game and don’t be hesitate to enjoy the time on juicy races!