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League of Love is a remake MV of the song Super Mario Western Show by very popular group Hyadain featuring League of Legends champions like Ahri, Draven, Darius, and Teemo in chibi version. Hyadain is very well-known for making fun of fmous titles such as Final Fantasy, Megaman, Pokemon and in this case Super Mario. The song was about why Peach keep running away from Mario and never fall for Bowser because they are both so ugly. Wanting to deliver the silly message of how a man could compete to win a girl heart (by his face or his heart) in a modern context, that’s how the idea for League of Love was born



A song about Super Mario series will not be completed without the appearance of mushroom, Teemo therefore is selected as the Mushroom guy, well mostly just being someone be beaten by the “brothers”.


Ahri aka the Nine-Tailed Fox is picked up to be the main heroine as she is considered the most charming girl in LOL (among the members of ThunderCloud studio). Due to the transformation into chibi version, the nine tails have to be cut down into three to keep the character from being too overwhelmed



Draven aka The Glorius Executioner is Darius’s brother. Nothing is more drama than a love fight between two brother, the good thing is that Ahri decide to turn down both of them for the reason you will know after watching the video


Darius aka The Hand of Noxus is chosen for the role of Bowser mostly because they both have spike on the shoulder armor otherwise unlike Bowser which is the main villain in Super Mario, Darius is the mighty protector of his homeland Noxus


“Leage Of Love” is our 3rd animation made in UE4 thus the production workflow has been vastly improved and customized specific to UE4. In general the main software to produce raw models and animation is Maya, UE4 is however more of a hub to assemble the final scene together, which manage and take all raw assets created in Maya and put them together to create the final scene.

Being a game engine itself, UE4 also handle all the effect and real-time rendering easily which speed up our production time vastly and enable the team more time to spend on artistic improvement. One step back is that the team has to sacrifie some traditional animation technique that are not available for game yet like simulation, Maya-exclusive deformation etc, but to use Game-friendly technique only so that it can be brough into UE4. But that ‘s not really a major step back as we derive much advantage of game technique like the particle effect system, robust terrain & landscape mangement, real-time visual editor and high performance viewport, etc.

With the rise of UE4 and stylized PBR handpainted-texture style game ( Overwatch, Street Fighter V,Vein: Dark Souls, Heroes of the Storm etc), the stylized look is now widely acceptable and can be adaptable for animation. This “Leage Of Love” project is built resolving all around the technique of BPR stylized games. Character are made in handpainted-texture style with a tweak of BPR to make it look more natural under lighting condition and reflection. The whole project including background set are made using stylized PBR handpainted-texture technique. Unlike the traditional Hand-painted technique that are currently used ingame like LOL, WOW, the stylized BPR Handpainted-texture assets are affected by lighting of environment as well. There are several stylized effects added to the environment to make it more lively like the water flow, water fall, sun light streaks, ambient lighting etc . All this subtle effect enable the handpainted assets or character blend well together with handpainted background and eliminate that flat look of the traditional handpainted assets.


Phung Dinh Dung


Hoang Thuy Dung

Concept Artist

Phan Thanh Truc

Duong Duy Thai

Le Hoang Nam


Tran Viet Tiep

Cao Ngoc Chau

Hoang Duc Minh

Pham Thi Duoc


Ha Vu Huy Duc

Phan Thanh Truc

Duong Duy Thai

Le Hoang Nam

Characters Design by Riot Game
Music by Hyadain