Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017 is one of the biggest annual gaming event in the world. Based in Japan, the 4-day fest drew the crowd up to 254.311 visitors with more than 600 exhibitors from well-known brands like Sony, CapCom, Square Enix…to countless new ones. Tokyo Game Show has for long recognized as a source for hottest news, trends, in-house talkshow and hand-ons the most innovative gaming technology or on the culture side, a gathering place for cosplayers.

This year marks the first time Thunder Cloud participated in TGS representing a blue ribbon Vietnamese 3D Studio and already reaped unexpected results.

Enormous demand of content for VR

In Japan, VR (virtual reality) and mobile play more significant roles than in the western, resulting in various games and up-to-date VR technologies flourishing in TGS 2017 so much that the event organisers even generously appointed a section for VR only. This area was filled by unique game stations: from baseball, horror games, dating to thrilling sports.

Likewise the demand for VR content is also increasing resolutely. This is also one of the forefront target of Thunder Cloud Studio at the moment. We have been working to improve the production process with high quality content and best productivity, to ensure there is no trouble in making adjustments and customization without affecting image quality.

Fresh opportunities for cinematic animation

Another interesting trend at TGS this year is that many game producers are willing to put more efforts into cinematic to introduce their games. Previously only moguls in the industry were able to produce majestic game cinematic, but now at TGS 2017 even medium and small producers are starting to invest in spectacular outputs. One reason is the increasing competition from gaming market requires the producers to invest more in order to have their game stand out of the crowd , while another reason could be the development of software allows cheaper, easier and better-quality cinematic production than before.

Be that as it may, the field still remains the playground for only A level team in term of production quality since the products need to meet up with the impression and quality demanded by game makers. The vision and belief of Thunder Cloud Studio is the utilization of game engine and real-time rendering techniques to produce high-quality cinematic frames in a more efficient way.

The service is designed by Thunder Cloud with a variety of flexible options for game developers to choose from. For more information or price inquiries for cinematic, VR content or game art production, please email to contact@thundercloud-studio.com.

Refer to the Thunder Cloud Studio animation and demo reel here:

Although this was the first time to join Tokyo Game Show, Thunder Cloud was amazed with notable results when 3D art and animation of studio were well received with many compliments and admiration from future partners.

Integration into international flow

“The very positive responses of the partners at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 is an achievement for us to show that Thunder Cloud’s 3D quality is internationally well received beyond expectations. This may be a tiny step for Thunder Cloud on the global gaming map, but it could be the milestone for Thunder Cloud to create something bigger in the future. “- Founder Phung Dinh Dung of Thunder Cloud Studio.

“We are living in a “flat world”, all business, entertainment, monetary … are not just wrapped in one location but now flowing around the global. Therefore, Thunder Cloud’s goal of attending the Tokyo Game Show is to integrate into that flow. We have to find out what is being done, the direction it will lead to and introduce what we can do to be able to see the opportunities for development. This activity is one of Thunder Cloud’s efforts to put Vietnamese name into the 3D global map, ” said Hoang Thuy Dung, CEO of Thunder Cloud Studio.

Although it has only been 4 years since, Thunder Cloud has been successful not only with its co-operation with independent game studios, but also with many huge outsourcing projects in the world. In the future, the studio may competently participate more deeply in the activities of the Tokyo Game Show who know, one day,  you may find the Thunder Cloud booth inside the busiest game fair in the world.